Turn COVID-19 Job Crissis into a
Global Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Remote U.S & U.K Startups

(Incorporation . Bank Account . Merchant Account . Fundable)

Turn Key Solution for Non-US & Non-UK Residents

(Residents of 175+ Countries Eligible)

Launch . Manage . Network . Raise Fund . Sell & Buy

All from a Single Unified Cloud Platform

Get FREE Access to

DisBorder Startup Ecosystem

DisBorder Network

Lifetime FREE Membership

Convert COVID Job Crisis into an Entrepreneurial Opportunity. Showcase your skills & startup. Network. Collaborate. Find mentors & co-founders. Find Global opportunities. Learn the ropes

DisBorder Remote Startups

Launch US & UK Startups Remotely

Turn-key solution for Non-US & Non-UK residents.

Launch . Manage . Network . Raise Fund . Sell & Buy

All from a Single Unified Cloud Platform

DisBorder Pre Seed Fund

Zero Listing Fee

Raise $20K to $100K Pre Seed Fund using YC SAFE note. Custom Solution for Non-US & Non-UK residents.

DisBorder Marketplace

Setup Free Store

Buy and sell in a borderless global marketplace - For the Entrepreneurs . By the Entrepreneurs. Buy & sell services to start & grow entrepreneurial journey of new and seasoned founders

DisBorder Academy

FREE Courses

Learn Entrepreneurship. Custom created practical courses to that addresses the COVID-19 challenges. Interactive zoom classes, conducted by volunteers industry leaders & seasoned entrepreneurs

DisBorder Venture Builder

In House Venture Building

Join us as Resident Entrepreneurs and build your independent global startup with us, with the help of our resources & expertise.

DisBorder Vision & Mission

What's DisBorder?

Accessible globally through a single Unified Cloud Platform, DisBorder is a global, borderless Startup Ecosystem, aimed at turning COVID-19 job crisis into a global entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone; by facilitating and catalyzing entrepreneurship in every part of the world -- especially in the global south where aspiring entrepreneurs may not have same level of access to the startup resources as their counterparts in the global north.

What’s DisBorder’s Vision?

DisBorder's vision is to democratize global wealth distribution by facilitating and catalyzing borderless entrepreneurship globally, especially in the global south; by leveraging COVID-19 harnessed 4IR technologies and the emerging neo-economies.

What’s DisBorder’s Mission?

Turning COVID-19 Job Crisis into a borderless, global entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone, no matter which part of the world they live in.

How is DisBorder Accomplishing Its Mission?

By building a cloud based global Startup Ecosystem that gives a single-platform, remote access to all the resources that aspiring entrepreneurs, from any part of the world, may need to start and continue their entrepreneurial journey.

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