Remote Delware Startup Package
(Incorporation . U.S Bank Account . Merchant Account . Fundable)

Remote Delaware Startup

Package Solution for Non-US Residents

(Residents of 175+ Countries Eligible)

The Package Includes Everything That you need to Remotely :

  • Launch Your U.S Startup
  • Manage Your U.S Startup
  • Raise Fund for Your U.S Startup

No Hidden Costs . No Fine Prints

Solopreneurs . Freelancers . Location Indepependents . Global Expansion

Launch . Manage . Network . Raise Fund

All from a Single Unified Cloud Platform

Turn COVID-19 Job Crisis into a
Global Entrepreneurial Opportunity


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C Corporation

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  • US Corporation/LLC Formation

    Next Day Filing | | Corporation Bylaws

  • Registered Agent

    Registered Agent | Registered Office Address

  • Employer Identification Number

    Employer Identification Number/ Tax ID | IRS Form 2553

  • Business Bank Account

    Online Banking | Intl' Debit Card | FDIC Insured

  • Online Merchant Account

    Stripe | PayPal


Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey


DisBorder Remote Startup Ecosystem

DisBorder Ecosystem Diagram

What All is Included in Remote Delaware Startup Package

1. US Company Formation

Your new US Company will be filed in Delaware or state of your choice the next of your order. THe company formation will take maximum 5 working days.

  • Unlimited Name Availability Searches
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation
  • Personalized Organizational Minutes
  • Personalized Corporate Bylaws
  • Online Order Tracking and Status Updates

One year of Registered Agent service.

Package price includes all fedraral & govt. registration fee. No hidden charges. No surprises!

No paperwork at all. The entire filing process in online. All the shareholders identity is verified digitally online

2. Post Incorporation Legal Processing

A Federal Tax ID (also known as a Federal Employer Identification Number, FEIN or EIN) is somewhat like a Social Security Number for your company issued by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service, USA).

A FEIN will be required, for instance, to open a company bank account, hire employees or build a business credit profile.

We will completely prepare the application, submit it and OBTAIN your FEIN from the IRS on your behalf!

Please note that the Covid pandemic has caused a slow down in the IRS processing of these applications and it can take more time than usual

After your corporation has been formed, we recommend that it elect "S-Corporation" status ("S" means "Small") by preparing and submitting a form 2553 to the IRS (some states require their own version) and adopting the appropriate corporate resolution. Most small Corporations elect "S-Corporation" Status.

Once this filing is complete, the corporation will not have to pay Corporate Income Taxes (unlike regular or C-Corporations which do have to pay Corporate Income Taxes), instead each individual shareholder will pay taxes at their personal income tax rate. So, the income is "passed-through" to the shareholders for purposes of computing tax returns (you simply take the money that you earned and add it to your 1040 personal tax return).

Our service includes preparation of the IRS form and the appropriate corporate resolution.

30 Minutes consultation with certified tax consultant to understand the basics of how company will be taxed.

3. Bank & Merchant Account

Mercury Startup BankWe have partnered with Mercury Bank that offers a robust online banking that's been especially tailored for startups qith non-resident founders.

As soon as your startups Bank Account is setup, you are automatically approved fort a Stripe Merchant Account. Stripe Merchant account is the most popular solution for online paynt collectionStripe Merchant Account

As soon as your Mercury Bank account is setup, your startup automatically gets approved for a Business PayPal Account.

4. Company Management & Compliance

Your simple-to-use but very robust dashboard to fully manage your entity.

  • Access all your legal documents
  • Track your Orders

Within your Company Management Board, you get a seperate Compliance Dashboard. The main features are:

  • Resolutions Generator: Automatically generates meeting minutes, consents and resolutions in one click with your company information auto-filled in the documents. Simply print and sign the documents and you’re done!
  • Automatic Annual Meetings: Automatically generates your Annual Meeting Minutes (Shareholders and Directors Meeting for Corporations, Members/Managers Meeting for LLC’s) and emails them to you “ready for signature”.
  • Upload your own important documents to our secure servers for safekeeping.
  • Alerts you of important compliance tasks like holding meetings, documenting company decisions and Federal tax deadlines.
  • Allows you to create an unlimited amount of custom alerts.
  • Allows you to add multiple recipients: have alerts sent to all stakeholders in your company and keep everyone in the loop.

Within your Company Management Dashboard, you get lifetime access to over 200 constantly updated forms to keep your company organized and up-to-date including:

  • Business Forms Library (contracts, agreements, leases, etc.)
  • Startup & Maintenance Checklists
  • Minutes & Resolutions Library (annual meetings, waivers, etc.)
  • Entity Specific Tax Forms (Corps, LLCs and DBAs)
  • These forms are constantly updated - no more outdated forms! It also includes a Tax Guide that shows you which taxes you have to pay and when - the actual forms themselves are also included.

5. FREE Access to DisBorder Borderless Ecosystem

Lifetime FREE Membership
Convert COVID Job Crisis into an Entrepreneurial Opportunity. Showcase your skills & startup. Network. Collaborate. Find mentors & co-founders. Find Global opportunities. Learn the ropes

Setup FREE Store
Buy and sell in a borderless global marketplace - For the Entrepreneurs . By the Entrepreneurs. Buy & sell services to start & grow entrepreneurial journey of new and seasoned founders

FREE Courses
Learn Entrepreneurship. Custom created practical courses to that addresses the COVID-19 challenges. Interactive zoom classes, conducted by volunteers industry leaders & seasoned entrepreneurs

Build Remotely
Build Local Startups. Raise Pre Seed Fund

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How It Works

  • Online Order & Dashboard Access

    • Online Order: Our robust and user-friendly online ordering system collects all the relevant information and your order.
    • Dashboard Access: You get access to your personalized Dashboard where you can track the progress, view documents and later, manage your entity.
  • Registered Agent Address, Filing, Incorporation & Documents Delivery

    • Order Review & Filing: An expert filing team reviews your order and files with the state for incorporation
    • Incorporation Completion: The state completes the process and issues your Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Digital Certificate: We upload Digital Copy of your certificate & other company documents to your DisBorder Dashboard for you
  • EIN, Bank Account, Stripe, PayPal

    • EIN: Once your company's incorporation is completed, we apply for and get your nine digit unique Employer Identification Number (EIN) from Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
    • Current Bank Account: Once we have your EIN, we apply for your company's current bank account
    • Stripe Merchant Account: Once your bank account is successfully opened, you can easily apply for Stripe Merchant Account for accepting online payments.
  • Post Incorporation Compliance & Lifetime Support

    • Auto Compliance Reminder: Your personalized company dashboard automatically remind you of any future compliances
    • Additional Services: If you need any additional statutory services in future, you can raise a request directly from your dashboard.

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C Corporation

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Why Delaware?

Access to Lucrative US Market

Access to US Banking System

Access to US Startup Funding

Global Recognition & Reach

Business Friendly Regulation

US Govt. Startup Schemes

Solopreneur Friendly

Low Corporate Tax

100% Digital Process

Start Your Global Entrepreneurial Journey

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