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Turning COVID-19 Crisis into a Global Entrepreneurial Opportunity

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Create Your CrossBorder
Personal Brand

DisBorder Network platform empowers you to create and promote your own Online Personal Brand. Create stunning and presentable profile.

Build Your Global Network of

Get followers. Follow others. Find cross-border co-founders, mentors & investors. Find cross-border entreprenurial opprtunities.

Showcase Your Skills, Ptojects &

Showcase your skills and projects. If you have already launched your starup, then create a company profile for your starup, too.

Get Access to DisBorder
Startup Ecosystem

DisBorder Links gives you access to the other resources of the ecosystem . e,g.

  • DisBorder Marketplace
  • DisBorder Remote Startups
  • DisBorder Academy

Create Your Own Groups &

Create your own group of professionals with similar interests. It's like creating your own Mini Network within DisBorder Links

Get Freebies & Discounts from
Major Providers

DisBorder is partnering with major infrastructure & service providers like Google, AWS, Digital Ocean, Carta etc. to help the DisBorder community launch their remote startups.

DisBorder Ecosystem Diagram

A Remote Startup Ecosystem


Asia, Africa, Latin America ..

  • Remote Startups: Launch & manage startups in the US, UK and EU
  • Banking & Finances: Get access to the banking & financial system in the US, UK, & EU
  • Global Market: Access global market through your Remote US/UK/EU Startups
  • Pre Seed Funding: List your startup & raise Pre Seed Fund
  • Global Network: Network globally, find investors, mentors & co-founders
  • DisBorder Marketplace: Buy & sell startup services globally
  • DisBorder Academy: Learn Entrepreneurship


  • New Market:Tap into new opportunities in the fast growing markets of Africa, Asia and South America.
  • Early Stage: Catch'em Early. Remotely.
  • US/UK/EU Incorporated: All the listed startups are incorporated in Delaware, London or Tallinn.
  • Diversity: Diversify your portfoli

US, UK, EU, Canada ..

  • New Markets: Scale your startup or launch a new one in the fast growing markets in countries in Africa, Asia, South America.
  • Technical Co-founders: Find talented tecnical co-founders in the emerging narkets.
  • Global Network: Network globally
  • DisBorder Marketplace: Sell & buy startup services globally
  • DisBorder Academy: Learn Entrepreneurship & global scaling


  • Courses: Launch paid and free entrepreneurial courses
  • New Market: Tap into new opportunities in the fast growing African, Asian & South American markets
  • Global Network: Network globally
  • Advisory Board: New advisory board opportunities with equity

CrossBorder Entrepreneurial
Service Providers

  • DisBorder Marketplace:Set up a FREE store & start selling your services globally
  • US/UK/EU Service Providers: Help entrepreneurs in the fast growing markets of Africa & South America launch startups in the US, UK & the EU. Tap into New Opportunities in the .
  • Africa/Asia/South America Service Providers: Sell your services to the US/UK/EU entrepreneurs accessing your regional market

Community Driven . Lifetime FREE

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