What's DisBorder?

Accessible globally through a single Unified Cloud Platform, DisBorder is a global, borderless Startup Ecosystem, aimed at turning COVID-19 job crisis into a global entrepreneurial opportunity in the Global South ( Africa, South America, Part of Asia ); by facilitating and catalyzing entrepreneurship

DisBorder Vision & Mission

What’s DisBorder’s Vision?

DisBorder's vision is to democratize global wealth distribution by facilitating and catalyzing borderless entrepreneurship globally, especially in the global south; by leveraging COVID-19 harnessed 4IR technologies and the emerging neo-economies.

What’s DisBorder’s Mission?

Turning COVID-19 Job Crisis into a borderless, global entrepreneurial opportunity in the Global South.

How is DisBorder Accomplishing Its Mission?

By building a cloud based global Startup Ecosystem that gives a single-platform, remote access to all the resources that aspiring entrepreneurs, from any part of the world, may need to start and continue their entrepreneurial journey.

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