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Turn Your Ideas & Skills into

A Legally Incorporated & Fundable

Remote U.S. Startup

Delaware . Corporation . LLC . Bank Account . Merchant Account ...

Manage Remotely . Market Globally


Solopreneur Friendly

Turn Key Solution for Non-US -Residents

(Residents of 175+ Countries Elligible)

Why The United States?

Access to Lucrative U.S Market

Access to U.S Banking System

Access to US Startup Funding

Global Recognition & Reach

Business Friendly Regulation

Easier to Get U.S Visa

Solopreneur Friendly

Better IP Protection

100% Digital Process

How It Works?

  • Online Order & Dashboard Access

    • Online Order: Our robust and user-friendly online ordering system collects all the relevant information and your order.
    • Dashboard Access: You get access to your personalized Dashboard where you can track the progress, view documents and later, manage your entity.
  • Filing, Incorporation & Documents Delivery

    • Order Review & Filing: An expert filing team reviews your order and files with the state for incorporation
    • Incorporation Completion: The state completes the process and issues your Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Digital Certificate: We upload Digital Copy of your certificate & other company documents to your DisBorder Dashboard for you
    • Hard Copies and Company Seal: We send hard copies of certificate, shares, by-laws etc. to your address in your country of residence by FedEx
  • U.S. Virtual Office Setup

    • U.S. Business Address: We setup your U.S. business address for your new company
    • U.S. Phone Numbers: We set up U.S. Mobile & Landline Numbers foe your business that you can manage for forwarding etc. from Phone Dashboard
  • EIN, Bank Account, Stripe, PayPal

    • EIN: Once your company's incorporation is completed, we apply for and get your nine digit unique Employer Identification Number (EIN) from Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
    • Current Bank Account: Once we have your EIN, we apply for your company's current bank account
    • Stripe Merchant Account: Once your bank account is successfully opened, you can easily apply for Stripe Merchant Account for accepting online payments.
  • Post Incorporation Compliance & Lifetime Support

    • Auto Compliance Reminder: Your personalized company dashboard automatically remind you of any future compliances
    • Additional Services: If you need any additional statutory services in future, you can raise a request directly from your dashboard.

Vision & Mission

DisBorder's vision is to create a Borderless Global Digital Startup Ecosystem that allows all the aspiring entrepreneurs; no matter which part of the world they live in, get equal access to all the resources (human, natural, capital, market etc.) of this global ecosystem.

COVID-19 has completely changed the job landscape globally. Traditional 9-5 professionals are turning into Solopreneurs; offering their skills online locally as well as globally. Geographic borders are losing their significance in Industry 4.0. Working remotely has become the norm.

DisBorder's mission is to convert the new challenges into opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

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