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COVID-19 has changed the job landscape globally.

Let's Join Hands

To Convert COVID-19 Job Crisis into a
Global Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Network . Collaborate

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Global Residents | AspiringEntrepreneurs | Redundant Office Workers | Freelancers | Solopreneurs | Digital Nomads | Location Independents

DisBorder Network

Lifetime FREE Membership

Convert COVID Job Crisis into an Entrepreneurial Opportunity. Showcase your skills & startup. Network. Collaborate. Find mentors & co-founders. Find Global opportunities. Learn the ropes

DisBorder Remote Startups

Launch US & UK Startups Remotely

Turn-key solution for Non-US & Non-UK residents.

Launch . Manage . Network . Raise Fund . Sell & Buy

All from a Single Unified Cloud Platform

DisBorder Micro Crowdfund

Zero Listing Fee

Raise $5K to $100K Micro Pre Seed. 100% Reward Based. No Equity. Zero Listing Fee. Custom Solution for Non-US & Non-UK residents.

DisBorder Marketplace

Setup Free Store

Buy and sell in a borderless global marketplace - For the Entrepreneurs . By the Entrepreneurs. Buy & sell services to start & grow entrepreneurial journey of new and seasoned founders

DisBorder Academy

FREE Courses

Learn Entrepreneurship. Custom created practical courses to that addresses the COVID-19 challenges. Interactive zoom classes, conducted by volunteers industry leaders & seasoned entrepreneurs

DisBorder Venture Builder

In House Venture Building

Join us as Resident Entrepreneurs and build your independent global startup with us, with the help of our resources & expertise.

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